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Real estate agents, builders, and developers are busy finding leads and potential clients looking for their next home. A lead is nothing without the collection of data along with a contact name that will be there to help form the relationship during the sales process. This data is vital for streamlining the sales pipeline. A CRM is there to help consolidate all of the information you have gathered on a lead, i.e. , what they’re looking for, when they want to buy and where they want to buy or build.


The way you choose to adopt a CRM is crucial for the success rate. All users whether they be your real estate agents, builders, developers or brokers, need to understand the benefits of the system. To avoid data being forgotten or misplaced all users MUST use the system to store all contact information and notable details. These steps are key to knowing where your leads stand, finding an agents strengths and weaknesses, and knowing whether the company is on track with sales goals.

Choosing a Software

Expectations of a CRM are high, users want it implemented and fully engaged into the company right away, but being user friendly is vital. Do you know what your users want? Mobile access? Data management? Analytics? Reports? Email integration? Already have a CRM system? Do not be afraid to switch. Ease of use is the most important factor when it comes to getting your sales team to use the software consistently. Bright Door for example is a CRM specific to the Real Estate industry as it was specifically designed for selling homes, building homes, and developing neighborhoods. So, if your current software is not adapting as successfully as you intended, or you’re just afraid to implement one at all, know that ease of use is the most important component characteristic for a CRM and you can not be afraid to find the one that works best for you and your sales team.

Problem Solution

Problem solutions are a motivator behind most CRM implementations. Utilize your software to create a “home base” for your representatives. As stated in the earlier referenced article “CRM should be considered mission-critical, so setting the expectation that the CRM is the rep’s home base is vital when on-boarding new employees and managing your team”. If you want to know where deals are tapering off and where the sales process is being halted, you have to know where all your qualified leads stand. Performance specific coaching is a great idea to assist your team because you are able to use the features of the software to evaluate where your representative is struggling and pin point the best solution to change their habits.

Communication between a sales team and their leaders will bring a company full circle. Get your employees excited, know what will make their jobs easier and effective, and get them the CRM they need. Being aware and in tune with your sales pipeline will ultimately lead your company to the top of the real estate industry.

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