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Real estate marketing is a tough task, and anyone who has tried to sell a listed property is aware of the difficulty. Though there are no shortcuts, there are different ways of increasing the chances of a successful sale. Here, we explore a few creative options that play a strong role in closing the deal. Though we cannot guarantee the success, we are quite sure about increasing the effectiveness of your existing marketing ideas.

Existing Plans
Most real estate agents still rely on traditional methods of marketing that have been in use for a long time now. What’s alarming is the same methods that are used by every agent. There is almost no difference in the marketing used by competitors for clients and properties. This is why we advise realtors to be more creative in marketing; for the end customer all options look the same.
We do understand and agree that some of these plans are still the most effective methods of attracting leads. Ad spots in publications, referrals, email marketing, and even social media marketing are all good ways of finding buyers and clients. However, if your communication is not attractive enough for the buyers, then you are certainly reducing the effectiveness.

What can you do about it?

For greater success, you have to be able to do both, and do them well. Bland messages, or unexciting ads will not hold the buyers’ attention, and many will simply move on to other messages.
Here we list down some new ideas for you to try.

1. Provide a different perspective
As a real estate agent, you understand the importance of using the right words in selling the property. However, have you ever wondered about how can you do that differently?

Agreed that words are important, but customers do not get the complete picture in this case. There is so much importance regarding the experience of the property rather than the description that improves your sales pitch immensely.

The simplest way to do so would be to use high-quality pictures and videos. Whether you want to do it yourself or hire a professional for those services is up to you and your client. But the effectiveness is undeniable. A well-designed portfolio is more attractive and relate to potential customers. Especially for premium properties, this is almost a necessity. You understand the value of a great first impression. We assume that the first impression is when they are visiting the property, but most customers usually make up their minds with the available images. It is very important that you present your clients’ listings in the best possible light.

These days, drone technology to capture images and videos is gaining support. You could also go for the same. However, ensure that using drones is legal and that you have obtained all required permissions before the exercise.

2. Give them a try before they buy
Buyers are making one of the most important financial decisions of their lives. They are spending and are committing to spend a lot of money for what you are selling. Think of it this way, when you are buying some appliance for your house, you try it out before you buy. Wouldn’t it be great if your buyers could also get some sort of an experience of the real estate that they are buying?

This would require the approval from the sellers. A service like AirBnB is a great way of showcasing your house. This is especially true for premium residential properties. Purchasing is an emotional decision, and nothing will appeal to the buyer as being physically present. Though not always practical, most customers would be delighted to avail this service.

3. Don’t forget the neighborhood
Sometimes, the property can sell itself on its strengths than the real estate agent. And even the neighborhood plays an important role in the decisions.
Premium properties usually have a great neighborhood too. They will have amenities and attributes that make it stand out. Try arranging a meet with the neighbors, find out if they would be open to meeting the new people who might be moving in. We hope that these ideas help you come up with your own creative ideas on selling real estate effectively. You can try them individually, or as some combination that will be effective for you. If you do follow them, we would love to hear from you on your experience. This is your chance to take some risks and be creative in selling real estate.

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